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About Us
We'll Do It .. Guaranteed!!
Water Works was founded in Colorado Springs in 1980 with a dedication to quality, speed and service that continues to this day. We believe the customer is our boss, quality is our work and value for the money is our goal. We back this up with our guarantees to you:
  • Quality Guarantee; if a customer is not completely satisfied with any service the service is free.
  • Speed Guarantee; vehicles will be washed in 20 minutes or the wash is free.
  • Weather Guarantee; if it rains or snows within 72 hours we’ll re-wash it for free.
  • 72 Hour Unconditional Guarantee; if your car isn’t “Water Works Clean” for any reason within 72 hours of your paid wash, we’ll re-wash it for free! No questions asked.
Our Employees Make The Difference.
They are our most important resource, always have been, always will be. Some of our staff have been with us from the beginning. Our General Manager, Human Resources Manager, Office Manager and Equipment Manager have over 80 years of experience. The three managers at each store average over 25 years of experience.   These people are committed to carrying out our mission statement, which is “to profit from a culture based on a customer oriented company dedicated to quality service through the training of our associates.” “We’ll Do It Guaranteed” is an attitude our employees make happen.

We aren't are!
We’ve been told constantly that Water Works is the number one full-service car wash in Colorado Springs.  Sure, we’re proud of this, and it’s a ranking we work hard to maintain, but we know it tells only part of the story.  The larger part of the story is you.

We exist to serve you, our customers, to meet your needs and to find new ways to improve your automotive experience.  Without you we wouldn’t just go broke, we would lose our very purpose.  We’re here to meet your needs, to prepare to meet needs you don’t yet know you have, and to continually find new ways to improve your automotive experience.  Many of our best service offerings are based on ideas our customers inspired:

  • Our legendary detailing service in 20-minutes?  Done.
  • Chipped windshield repair? Let’s make it a freebie.
  • Rustproof blasting and hot polymer sealers? Sounds good.
  • Bad weather guarantee? Sure, why not!
  • VIP cards and Wash Book discounts? Can do.
  • How about a 5-minute, 5-bucks Express wash?  You got it.

And the list goes on and on and on, and it’s all because of you.  Without you, we wouldn’t be vibrant, fun, forward thinking and, dare we say it? Kinda cool.  We’d be just another dinosaur from the full-service era slowly settling into irrelevancy.  You’re the important part of the story.  You’re the ones who made us number one, and we start each day in celebration of you.  We look forward to seeing you turn in our drive, and if we ever displease you in any way, we want to know about it.

So, dear drivers of Colorado Springs, Water Works would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!  You really are number one!

Want to take us up on that Weather Guarantee?  Check the forecast and plan your next carwash with us right now!