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What Customers Say
Your comments help us be successful.   Years ago Water Works realized that we were not positive that every vehicle washed left clean and every customer had a good experience.  It was then that we devised a system where we could feel confident that every customer had an opportunity to tell us how they felt about our service, we call it “We’ll Do It Guaranteed."   If customers weren’t satisfied, we wanted a system where they could be contacted to rectify the problem.  We felt following up on complaints wasn’t enough, so another part of the program was to make employees that performed the last inspection to be accountable for their work.

In our system a Final Inspector puts a Green Comment Card with their name on it in every vehicle.  The card is a bar coded, postage-paid reply card.  Your reply is entered into a computer database, which tabulates all the responses on the card.  A statistical analysis is then compiled to evaluate all the questions on the card.  The report is compiled so each employee and management knows how customers feel about their service, positive or negative.  The program enables us to train and reward Final Inspectors based on your comments.  Happiness Guaranteed is one of our objectives.  Thanks to you over 80% of your responses are positive ones.  It sure helps our employees to stay motivated to provide quality service while earning bonuses based on your comments.

Please let us know how we did on your last visit by filling out a comment card now. 
Click here to fill out an on-line comment card.  The next time you get your vehicle washed, please take a minute to fill out the card and let us know what you think.  We are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of our service.