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Full Service Wash


Vacuuming, Dusting, Windows done on the inside, Washed and Towel Dried.

This is our most popular service, and we will have you in and out in less than 20 minutes.  This is our legendary “Right Touch Wash”.  This service includes the vacuuming of the carpets and mats, dusting of the dash and console, and a complete bumper-to-bumper towel drying.

Trunks/cargo area Vacuumed for just $4.00

Rubber Mats Cleaned all four for just $5.00

Exterior Wash

Vacuumed inside.  Washed and towel dried on the outside, swinging door windows and jams cleaned.

Save some dollars if your car is clean in the inside.  You’ll get our "Right Touch Wash,” and bumper-to-bumper towel drying.

Ultra Clearcoat

Our best protection package includes a Full Service Wash, Air Freshener, Rust-ite Body Blast, Poly Glaze, Poly Crème, Super Blue foam and a Wheel Deal.  Save $23.00!!!

Super Works

Protect your paint package includes a Full Service Wash, Air Freshener, Rust-ite Body Blast, Poly Glaze and Poly Crème.  Save $12.00!!!

Exterior Plus

A super exterior protection package when the inside is clean.  The package includes our Exterior Wash plus Rust-ite Body Blast, Poly Glaze and Rain-X Complete.  Save $11.00!!!

Express Wash (Pay ‘N Go - Basic)


Unlimited monthly plan for Pay N Go - $19.00 a month

Use our Pay ‘N Go terminal when you want a fast 5-minute wash.  Load yourself on our conveyor, ride though our “Right Touch” Wash then your car is towel dried on the outside.

Look for the yellow canopy to start your wash experience. 

Free Vacuums for customers, use at 525 S. Nevada and 1108 N Academy Locations.

Express Super Works


Protect your paint with our Express Wash, Rust-ite Body Blast, Poly Glaze and Poly Crème.

Look for the yellow canopy to start your wash experience.

Express Ultimate Clean

$13 or buy 3 and get 1 free for $39.00

Unlimited monthly plan for the Ultimate - $29.00 a month

Our best Express Wash adds extra cleaner and includes Rust-ite Body Blast, Poly Glaze, Poly Crème and Hot Foam Cleaner. We also include a FREE Rain-X Complete.

Look for the yellow canopy to start your wash experience.

Exterior Protection

Rain-X Complete

Rain-X Complete isn't just for glass anymore.  The new formula adheres to the body of the car too, making it slippery smooth so that rain, sleet, snow, frost, bugs, mud or grime can hardly stick to the surface.  For glass it is still "The Invisible Windshield Wiper".  The durability of Rain-X Complete is amazing after a few applications.

Wheel Deal

A brightening agent is applied to wheels, which removes tarnish and road film and makes wheels sparkle like new.  Whitewalls and white letters are bleached white again, and then a preservative is applied to the entire tires to protect against harmful ultra-violet rays.  Tires appear better than new.

Wheel Shield Wax & Protectant

Is the brake dust sticking to your wheels even after you wash it?  Most wheels are Clear Coated just like your vehicle’s paint, so they need protecting too. We clean the wheels, then apply our Shielding Wax, and buff it to shine.  

AquaPel Glass Treatment

Takes only 10 minutes after the wash, and lasts up to 6 months. AquaPel improves vision in the rain, reduces rain glare at night, and helps remove ice, snow, and bugs. See clearly and drive safer any time nasty weather hits.

Interior Protection

Lexol Leather Care

A two step process in which we first clean all leather surfaces with a special cleaner for leather then we apply a conditioner to replenish the natural oils in the leather. Lexol is the finest product available for your leather. It also contains sun screens for ultra violet protection.

Soft Lustre Dressing
(20 minutes) $29

The protectant is a scientific formula that helps keep all vinyl looking new.  It penetrates beneath the surface to protect against ozone and ultra-violet rays that cause fading, cracking and peeling.  Leaves a beautiful soft appearance.