Frequently Asked Questions...

Washing Your Car

Does it really help a car's value to keep its finish looking new?
In a word.. .yes! When we put that question to the used car managers of large auto dealerships, they said that they often have two identical cars on the lot, both the same year and model with the same equipment. Even though they were mechanically the same, the finish of one looked as if it were just off the showroom floor. The second was noticeably rusted, dull and spotty. The difference in price? $1,000! Appearance is the first thing people look at in a used car. If a car's appearance turns the buyer off, no amount of persuasion can get them to even get in and start the engine. The moral of the story? Proper care of a car's appearance is an investment that will definitely pay off at trade-in time!
How often should I have my car washed?
I notice a layer of residue periodically on my car's finish. Is it just from the atmosphere and is it harmful?
My vehicle's finish has a cloudy, streaky look after it is washed. What causes this?
I have seen spots on my roof and hood near my windshield. What causes this?
How long should I wait before washing the bug residue off my car after a long trip?
Lately my windshield becomes smeared when I run my wipers. Am I doing something wrong?

Our Detail Process

How long does it take to do your off-line services?
Most can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes after the wash. Our Complete Details take up to four hours because of the intensity of the service. Our Detail Service Menu has the time for each of the services. Our Detail Manager will contact you to give you an approximate time if you purchased more than one service.
Why should I Wax my vehicle?
How often do I need to Wax my vehicle?
How long does the average Wax last?
Why do I need Wax on my wheels?
Do Tires need any protection?
Why do I need to "Dress" my vehicles Vinyl interior?
Do I need to "Dress" my Leather?
Why Shampoo my carpets or upholstery?
Do you do Odor Removal?
Do you offer an intensive interior cleaning service?
When do I need a Complete Detail?
Why get my Windshield Rock Chip filled?
Why do I sometimes need more than a Full Service Wash for my interior?
Why Rain X Complete?
Rain X or Aqua Pel? What's the difference?
Why add Fabric Protectant to my Shampoo?
Why doesn't Water Works clean engines?
Can you recommend the detail services I may need?
Will the car wash take the road tar and tree sap off?

Our Wash Process

Why are cars taken out of order?
There are many possible reasons for cars being processed out of order, but the reason we do this is to provide an efficient way to service everyone's vehicle quickly when it is ready to go on the conveyor. Remember, we have to get every car clean no matter how long it takes. Some take longer than others and are taken out of sequence. If your car happens to be behind one of these, you will be delayed. We wish there was a way to service cars as they arrive, but we know from experience that service would be a lot slower for everyone.
What does the writing mean on the windshield?
What should I do if I have a special request?
What do you vacuum?
Do you vacuum ashtrays?
Do you vacuum hatchback areas and trunks?
Why do windows smear sometimes?
Do you clean top edges of windows?
Is your window cleaner safe for tinted windows?
Why doesn't my car come clean the first time, every time?
What are the drips that dry on my car after it is washed?
How are white letter tires and wheels cleaned?
Why don't you wash excessively muddy vehicles?
Should pick-up truck beds be free of debris and loose items?
Do I need to remove my bike or ski rack?
Why are seat adjustments sometimes made?
Why are instrument adjustments sometimes made?
How can I be sure I received the services I paid for?
How will I know when my car is finished?
What should I do if I have an alarm system or a special starting procedure?
Can I leave my valuables in the vehicle?
What happens to the green inspection cards that are put in my car?
How do you remove Bugs?


How can you guarantee the weather and your service for 72 hours?
By being all-powerful and having Mother Nature on our payroll! We absolutely guarantee that it won't rain or snow the day you get your car washed or we will wash your car again for free within three days. In fact we have a 72-hour unconditional gurantee.  If your car isn't "Water Works Clean" for any reason, we'll wash it for free!  No questions asked.  The reason we do this is simple: It truly is important to keep your car's surface clean and we want to help you with that effort - even if it means we have to take a few on the chin. So, any day you toss an umbrella into the car is an especially good day to come see us. A clean car really is a happy car, and a happy customer with a free carwash makes the crew at Water Works happy too. So check the forecast and plan your next visit right now!
Do you offer frequency discounts?
What are your operating hours?
Why does my car seem to ride better when I leave the carwash? Is it all in my head?
Do you charge extra to wash or detail full-size trucks and vans?
Are employees allowed to smoke in vehicles?